Children are at special risk of foot and ankle problems, especially as they grow from toddlers to teenagers. In addition to blisters, calluses, and other everyday foot conditions, children are also more likely to suffer injuries due to the rapid development of their bodies. If these are not treated properly, some pediatric podiatry issues can cause mobility problems well into adulthood.

Gentle Care and Treatment for Your Children’s Feet

The podiatry team at North Florida Foot & Ankle Center caters to children who have been struggling with painful or unsightly foot injuries. We involve parents and work together as a team, focusing on therapies that will relieve pain and position your child’s foot to grow correctly. Call our office today at (904) 236-5023 or fill out our online contact form to make an appointment in our offices. 

We can help young people with many different foot ailments, including:

  • Heel or foot pain. Children may not always tell their parents when they are in pain. If you have noticed that your child has stopped playing sports, doesn’t want to wear shoes, or is less active than usual, it may be a sign of foot pain. Foot discomfort can also cause children to change how they walk to compensate for the pain, leading to additional musculoskeletal problems. We can determine the underlying cause of the pain, ensure your child is wearing the correct shoe size, and monitor foot growth to prevent further injury.
  • Flat feet. Children’s feet are usually flat when they are born, developing arches as they begin to walk. However, some children continue to have flat feet as they progress into toddlers and teenagers, causing instability and pain in the lower legs. We can advise your child on strengthening exercises, encouraging proper gait and posture, and offering proper foot care tips at home.
  • Toe walking. This common condition can happen when a child first starts walking. If your child has not outgrown walking on the toes or ball of the foot, you should have them evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist. We can determine if the toe walking is habitual, or is caused by a physical complication (such as a shortened Achilles tendon).
  • Sports injuries. If your child plays sports, plays outdoors, or takes dance lessons, they are naturally at higher risk of foot and ankle injuries (such as sprains or fractures). We can diagnose the problem and start treatment immediately, allowing the foot to heal properly before your child goes back to participating in their favorite activities.
  • Weak ankles. Children may have weak ankles from previous injuries, congenital problems, or simply due to one area of the body growing faster than another. If your child is prone to tripping or has ankles that often “give way,” we can determine if orthotics or physical therapy may be needed for added support.
  • Foot deformities. We can advise parents on the proper treatment for congenital deformities of the feet and toes, including clubfoot, webbed toes, in-toeing and out-toeing, and bone and joint deformities.

Our St. Johns County Podiatrists Treat You Like Family

Our podiatrists know how daunting it can be for your child to visit a foot doctor. Dr. Amanda and Dr. Drew take their time to provide comprehensive, individualized foot care for young people, helping them overcome the physical and emotional pain of their conditions. When we improve foot health, we improve the whole body, giving your child the strength and confidence needed to be their best selves.

Don’t waste another minute treating a painful foot condition at home! Simply fill out our contact form or call us at (904) 236-5023 to set up an appointment in our Nocatee or Jacksonville offices.