North Florida Foot & Ankle Center only offers products and therapies that offer significant benefits to our patients. Our comprehensive foot care and individualized treatment plans are key to keeping you active and reducing the chances of suffering an injury in the future.

Sports Medicine/Injuries

Our podiatrists know how hard it is to struggle with a sports injury. The chronic pain of a fracture, sprain, or traumatic injury to the feet and ankles will not only keep you off your feet, but away from the activities you love. We offer treatments aimed at patients with active lifestyles, doing everything we can to prevent injury recurrence and get you back in action as soon as possible.

Pediatric Foot & Ankle Issues

Children will often suffer growing pains as they develop from adolescents into adults. Unfortunately, the rapid changes in the muscles, bones, and tissues of the body can cause pain or even deformities in children’s feet, preventing them from taking part in physical or social activities. Our podiatrists provide gentle but effective interventions to help children overcome common foot ailments.

Foot & Ankle Pain/Deformities

Left unaddressed, issues in your feet and ankles will soon start affecting other areas of your body. Eventually, your ability to maintain an active, engaged lifestyle will be impacted. Fortunately, you can avoid long term pain and additional injury by making an appointment with the podiatry team at North Florida Foot & Ankle Center.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

If you are experiencing pain in your feet or ankles, you may be dreading the idea that you will need surgery to find relief. You can trust that the podiatry team at North Florida Foot & Ankle Center will pursue the most conservative treatment option that is likely to address your specific issues. If surgery turns out to be the best option, our doctors bring expertise and experience to each and every procedure.

Custom Orthotics

Your feet are supporting your entire body whether you are standing still or in motion. A variety of conditions can make it more difficult for your feet and ankles to do their jobs without pain—or without causing pain elsewhere in the body, like the shins, knees, or lower back. The podiatry team at North Florida Foot & Ankle Center can diagnose the problems that are causing your pain and then prescribe custom orthotics to correct those problems.

Athletic & Stability Braces

Custom ankle and foot braces can be created to address a number of biomechanical issues and to help treat or prevent injuries. These specialized braces must be prescribed by a podiatrist who has the expertise to diagnose your situation, identify the kind of brace that will help, and make the molds that will be used to fashion your brace. The team at North Florida Foot & Ankle Center can guide you through the process and ensure that your custom braces serve you well.

Skin & Nail Issues

Our feet are subject to any number of irritating or painful conditions. Getting care from a podiatrist is the best way to make sure your issue is correctly diagnosed and treated. The team at North Florida Foot & Ankle Center has the expertise to identify the nature of your problem, treat it effectively, and help you take the steps necessary to minimize the risk of recurrence.