Sometimes, we just don’t pay attention to the condition of our feet the way we should. After all, much of the time they are hidden away in our socks, shoes, and slippers. And even when we are barefoot—like in the shower—our feet can seem a long way down there.

Ordinary day-to-day wear and tear can start to add up. That can lead to a variety of skin and nail issues that need to be treated to prevent ongoing problems. It should go without saying that pain in your feet can make everything harder—and negatively impact your ability to enjoy life.

Fortunately, Dr. Amanda and Dr. Drew can help with a wide variety of irritating and unsightly conditions. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

There Is Nothing Fun About Fungal Infections

Fungal nail infections and athlete’s foot can both be quite irritating—and difficult to chase away on your own. Whether you have toenails that are dry, flaky, and cracked or you have fungus between your toes or along the bottom of your foot, your podiatrist may prescribe an oral antifungal medication or a topical treatment. Laser treatments can be an effective way to stop the spread of infection in your nails. No matter what sort of fungal infection you may be dealing with, we know how to effectively treat it.

It Is Important to Defeat Diabetic Ulcers

If you have diabetes, you know that painful problems can develop in your feet—including diabetic ulcers. These painful ulcers can develop as a result of poor blood flow in your feet due to the peripheral vascular disease that often arises when a person has diabetes. We have the expertise and experience to help you maintain good foot health and keep diabetes-related conditions from worsening and causing long-term problems. 

Getting Ingrown Toenails Out

Sometimes caused by shoes that are too tight, an ingrown toenail can be quite painful—and if left untreated, can get infected. As the nail digs into the skin at its edges, you may experience redness or swelling to go along with the pain. We can get the ingrown toenail out of your skin, treat any infection that has developed, and trim your nails in ways that will make future problems less likely. (We’ll also recommend you change to shoes that fit you better.)

The Skinny on Skin Cancer

Skin cancer that develops in your lower extremities may very well look quite different from cancer that develops elsewhere on your skin. That’s why a podiatrist’s expertise is so crucial when it comes to spotting and treating skin cancer on your feet. If you have an unusual or new growth on your foot, your best move is to have our podiatrists take a look. If necessary, they will request the appropriate tests—and then design a course of treatment if it turns out to be cancer.

Ending Worry About Warts

Caused by a virus, warts can pop up anywhere on the skin but are commonly found on hands and feet. If you end up with warts on the bottom of your feet, walking or running can become quite unpleasant. If the warts are on the top of the feet, they are likely unsightly even if they aren’t particularly painful. Laser treatment can effectively get rid of warts, though in some cases an acid-based wart treatment may be the preferred approach. We can help you figure out how to put the worry about warts behind you.

When It Comes to Your Feet, Expertise Matters

The list of conditions above is far from complete. Happily, at North Florida Foot & Ankle Center, we have the know-how to help you with any of those issues and many others besides. It is worth it to pay attention to your feet—especially if you are committed to a healthy, active lifestyle. So let us help. Fill out our contact form or call us at (904) 236-5023 to set up an appointment in our Nocatee or Jacksonville offices.