Patient Learning About Custom OrthoticsNo one else experiences heel pain the same way you experience it. While heel pain is a common issue, the effects of heel pain on your life are unique. No one else feels the same pain or suffers the same disruption to their life.

Your treatment should be as unique as your condition. Our St John’s County podiatrists want to get you back to the sports or activities you enjoy without heel pain. That’s why we provide custom orthotics designed just for your feet.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts that support and cushion your feet, reducing the stress and strain that causes chronic heel pain.

Individualized custom orthotics are meticulously crafted to rectify the biomechanical irregularities of your feet, facilitating their optimal alignment and ensuring proper functionality. These orthotic devices are specifically designed to maintain your feet in the desired subtalar neutral position. Our experienced podiatrists may recommend the following:

  • Functional orthotics. Functional orthotics fix abnormal foot motion. These types of orthotics can curb irregular movements and promote optimal foot mechanics to treat heel pain or stop it before it begins.
  • Accommodative orthotics. Accommodative orthotics are softer than functional orthotics. They provide supplementary cushioning and support to the feet to relieve excessive pressure and improve comfort so you don’t experience heel pain.

Our custom orthotics are discreet. You can wear them in your athletic shoes, work shoes, or other shoes with comfort and confidence.

How Custom Orthotics Help Heal and Prevent Heel Pain

If our St. John’s podiatrists think that custom orthotics are a good option for you, we will conduct a thorough evaluation to:

  • Assess your feet and unique foot anatomy
  • Consider the different types of footwear you wear
  • Review your comprehensive health history

With this information, we will create orthotic devices that precisely conform to the contours of your foot and provide the following:


A stable heel bone allows you to safely walk, run, kick, and engage in other activities. Custom orthotics can provide the support you need to avoid heel pain. Additionally, custom orthotics can reduce inflammation and provide support and stability if you suffer from heel spurs.

Support for Flat Feet

Everyone has a unique foot shape, size, and arch. Flat feet can put extra stress on ligaments and tendons, resulting in significant heel pain. Supportive shoes or store-bought insoles may provide some relief for heel pain caused by flat feet. However, nothing you buy in the store will fit you perfectly or provide the exact type of support you need for your distinctive feet. Custom orthotics can provide the exact type of arch support needed to fix or prevent heel pain.

Pain Prevention

The targeted precision of custom orthotics helps manage complex foot conditions, improve foot function, and prevent future heel problems caused by various foot conditions. In many cases, our podiatrists can help prevent heel pain from occurring so that you can go about your life without the discomfort and disruption of heel pain.

A Way for You to Continue Participating in Sports

Dr. Amanda and Dr. Drew have experienced pain that kept them out of the sports and activities they enjoy. They understand the frustration and don’t want you to experience it. Accordingly, North Florida Foot & Ankle Center is committed to treating and preventing heel pain with cost-effective, non-invasive treatments such as custom orthotics so that you can continue participating in the sports you enjoy.

Custom orthotics can address your unique podiatric needs without medication or surgery. Often custom orthotics are an affordable way to treat or prevent heel pain. The initial cost of your uniquely designed orthotics may be higher than mass-produced orthotics you can purchase at your local store. However, your custom orthotics may last longer and provide you with significantly more relief, making them well worth the initial investment.