Tips for a Quick Recovery After a Long Run

Athletes, especially runners, rely upon specific cures for those aches and pains that come with the continual stress they put on their bodies. When it comes to leg and foot soreness that surfaces after longer runs, a cure or just some needed relief is as valuable as a good pair of running shoes. Here are some recommendations for those aches and pains that keep you from getting out of bed in the morning to put in a few miles on the road.

Compression socks reduce delayed onset muscle soreness if worn during a run. Additionally, they reduce muscle load, therefore decreasing post-work-out soreness.

  1. Massage/Massage Sticks boost recovery by decreasing inflammation and eventual muscle soreness.
  2. Ice Baths in a chilly bathtub can reduce post run achiness and decrease exercise related muscle damage. Soaking in an ice-filled tub can be more helpful after long runs including marathons and ultra marathons. Ice massage or spot icing one specific area such as a heel or ankle can quickly reduce pain and inflammation.
  3. Rest after intense runs or race days can speed recovery. Also consider swimming, yoga, cycling, or ellipse.
  4. Refueling due to dehydration post run is very important. A 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein a couple of hours post exercise is ideal. And, of course, H2O and plenty of it! Always choose water over the available sports drinks.


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