Cool, crisp air and gorgeous foliage colors make fall an attractive season for many people to indulge in outdoor activities. Because we’ve recently celebrated the first day of fall, Dr. Amanda Bartell and Dr. Andrew Bartell of North Florida Foot & Ankle Center are sharing information about how to protect your feet during fall activities even if the Florida weather makes it feel like summer.protect your feet

Fitness enthusiasts and occasional cyclists and hikers typically hit the trails at this time of year to make the best of this weather. If you fall into either of those categories, you must be careful to prevent any ankle and foot injuries. It’s important to ensure that you have the right mindset and equipment to enjoy these activities.

Here are some ways of preventing injury:

  • Cycling: In most cases, cycling injuries are caused by overuse of muscle groups and joints and poor posture. When cycling, be careful to fasten your feet to the pedals properly to prevent knee pain. Correctly aligning your back with the frame of the bicycle will remove the pressure from the spine and help prevent back pain.
  • Running: It’s important to have shoes that fit properly and provide ample cushioning and support. Improperly-fitted shoes can cause discomfort because the foot can slide around and cause blisters from the friction. Also, wearing the correct socks that are breathable and moisture-wicking will help keep feet dry.
  • Hiking: The most common injuries while hiking includes a sprained or twisted ankle, knee pain, and aching joints. These types of injuries can be avoided by using the right equipment and warming up the muscles. A light warm-up before a hike to stretch out calf muscles and performing ankle rolls before lacing the boots will help ease the body into the activity.

If you sustain an ankle or foot injury during fall physical activities - or from another source – keep in mind that there’s no need to suffer from the pain when you can always come see us for treatment. Contact the office of Dr. Amanda Bartell and Dr. Andrew Bartell of North Florida Foot & Ankle Center today to schedule an appointment at our Jacksonville location. You can call us at (904) 236-5023 or contact us online.

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