Pediatric Podiatrist in Ponte Vedra, Florida

Just like adults, children can suffer an assortment of problems with their ankles and feet. And while many of these conditions, like flat feet, are heredity-based, other issues such as heel pain are typically caused by an injury. Today Dr. Amanda Bartell and Dr. Andrew Bartell of North Florida Foot & Ankle Center in Ponte Vedra, FL, Nocatee, and Duval County are sharing information regarding the three most common childhood foot conditions.

Because your child’s bones grow so quickly, many symptoms related to ankle and foot problems may go unnoticed. Because of this, parents must remain attentive to even the most subtle signs of a problem. Routine comprehensive examinations of your child's feet by a podiatrist might reveal a defect and help reduce problems later in life.

The Most Common Childhood Foot Conditions

Children often face a variety of foot issues, many of which vanish as the child’s feet continue to develop. The following are three of the most common:

  • Ankle Sprains: These are quite common with active children, especially those who take part in sports. Ankle sprains occur when the ligaments that support the ankle are torn or stretched. Mild sprains can be healed with treatment, but severe tearing may require more extensive care. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation usually helps right away.Child Foot Pain
  • Ingrown Toenails: These typically occur when one or both side areas of the toenail break through and grow into the soft skin of the toe, causing infection and painful irritation. Some of the most common causes include injuries to the toe, improper nail trimming, or poorly fitting footwear If identified promptly, a child’s ingrown toenail can be treated with home remedies. But if the pain and discomfort continues or worsens, a visit to the podiatrist will be needed to get rid of the infection.
  • Plantar Warts: These are common particularly during warmer months when children are more likely to be barefoot. Developing on the bottom of the feet, they are caused by a virus, most often in public areas such as locker rooms or pools. They can be quite uncomfortable because it feels like they are walking on a small pebble or stone; however, it is also treatable and highly avoidable.

If you notice that your child is tripping often, limping, or constantly complaining of foot pain, call the office of Dr. Amanda Bartell and Dr. Andrew Bartell of North Florida Foot & Ankle Center in Ponte Vedra, FL, Nocatee, Duval County today to schedule a consultation.

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