Have your running shoes seen too many miles? When to buy new running shoes.

By Kelsie Sandage

Mile after mile, your running shoes trek along with you until one day you realize that it is finally time to get a new pair. For those with the “I can do another mile” mentality, how do you know when your shoes have had enough?

North Florida Foot and Ankle Center of Jacksonville supports their local runners and wants to give them some tips so they do not create an injury due to worn-out shoes.

  1. Don’t let the tread determine when the time has come. The midsection that provides most of the support to the foot can wear out and stop providing a shock buffer between your foot and the surface you are running on.
  2. Every 300 to 400 miles is a good marker for retiring a pair of shoes and getting a new pair. Smaller runners can push the limits of their shoes to 400 miles, but heavier runners might want to stick to 300 miles for each pair of shoes. Rough terrain can also limit the lifespan of your running shoes. Those who primarily run on treadmills can usually get more out of their shoes because of the soft deck material.
  3. You can expand the life of your running shoes if you have multiple pairs that you switch back and forth between throughout the week.
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