Has simply walking become difficult?

As we age, enjoying a stroll or just walking short distances can become challenging. North Florida Foot and Ankle Center wants to give you your freedom back. Our custom-made ankle and foot orthosis can give you back your confidence, stability, and freedom to enjoy life!

Our Custom-Made Ankle and Foot Orthosis…

  • Stabilize the foot in the presence of weakness and fatigue
  • Stimulate skin receptors providing feedback
  • Provide ankle support, improving balance and helps avoid falls by reducing postural sway
  • Improve foot clearance reducing the risk of tripping
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Exceptionally light-weight

Are you at risk for falling? Have you fallen in the past? Do you have arthritis in your feet or ankles? Do you drag your feet, stumble or shuffle when waking? Do you find it necessary to grasp stationary objects, like walls/furniture/rails, to gain balance when walking?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you may have a balance problem that could be improved with a use of a custom-made balance brace.

Want to learn more about how we can create a custom-made orthosis to improve your stability? Call us or come in for a visit. We are waiting to help you take more stable steps.

It’s hard to imagine not being able to do things you once could -

Over time it’s not uncommon to lose muscle, experience weakness...

Have you noticed you can’t carry things or do things you once did? Are you experiencing muscle weakness or are you becoming more prone to stumbling or falling?

Did you know that there is a lightweight custom-made ankle-foot orthosis designed to easily fit into shoes and provide you with increased stability? These custom orthosis’ can help reduce your chances of falling and give you confidence in your step again.

The North Florida Foot and Ankle Center offers custom-made orthosis that are covered by most insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, and are used to treat conditions associated with risk factors for falls. It’s part of a long-term solution to be used in combination with a Fall Prevention Strength Training Program, which may include physical and occupational therapy, environmental changes in the home, and review of current medications.

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